The OnRamp Manufacturing Conference Track brings together manufacturing leaders and innovators for meaningful conversations about new technologies and business models that are reinventing the industry. The Conference Track is made up of keynote addresses, panel discussions, product demos and fireside chats. Topics are curated annually by the OnRamp Team and include themes relevant to the corporate, venture capital, startup and manufacturing communities.

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2019 Agenda

Blockchain or Block-and-Chain: Future of Blockchain in MfgTech

Lake AI: Fishing for Data

-24 to +24: Backwards/Forwards Across 48 Months in MfgTech

Midwest Hub? Can Manufacturing Be the Base for Venture in the Midwest?

Robotics Meets AI: What does Automated Welding Foreshadow?

Workforce Tech Stack: Role of Next-Gen Digital Platforms in Workforce

Re:Additive (When) Does it Scale?

Corporate Venturing in MfgTech

Tech, Diversity and Inclusion on the Trade: Tomorrow's Workforce

Who Are You?: New Tech Disciplines Meets Management

What Does Rise in Supply Chain Venture Capital Mean for Manufacturers?

Recipe: Food, Tech, Manufacturing

Tech's Next Gen Worker Training/Safety

2017 Agenda

8:00 AM 

Registration & Breakfast

8:45 AM 

Welcome & Opening Remarks

9:00 AM 

The State of Manufacturing: Keynote & Discussion

10:00 AM 

Perspectives on Corporate Venture Capital

Breakout II - Room B

11:00 AM 

The Future of Manufacturing

11:35 AM 

When to Manufacture in America

12:10 AM

The Ins and Outs of Collaborative Robotics

12:45 AM

How Incumbents Stay Ahead of the Curve

1:20 PM 

Big Data, Big Opportunity

1:55 PM

Getting Smart on the Shop Floor

2:30 PM 

Lessons Learned: GE Ventures' Journey

3:05 PM

IIoT: Hype vs. Reality

3:40 PM 

Innovations in Supply Chain

Breakout I - Room A

11:00 AM 

Industry & University Partnerships: How to Make Them Work

11:35 AM 

Industry 4.0

12:10 AM

The Future of Venture Capital in Industrials

12:45 AM

Opportunities in 3D Printing & Additive Machining

1:20 PM 

The Path Forward for Hardware Startups

1:55 PM

Innovating for OSHA

2:30 PM 

Bridging the Corporate/Startup Divide: The Startup Perspective

3:05 PM

Cybersecurity & Manufacturing in the Digital Era

3:40 PM 

Bridging the Corporate/Startup Divide: The Corporate Perspective